What is the difference between userid and password to login to pi and those to login to browser?

Hi, when I followed the steps in: OctoPrint.org - Download & Setup OctoPrint , I set up a new userid and password via the browser at http://octopi.local. However, when I used the same userid and password to login to pi, they did not work. I had to use pi and raspberry as the userid and password. I am a bit confused. What is the difference between these two set of userid and password? Could you please clarify?

These are different, because the OctoPrint login is for the user, the PI login is for maintenance.

Those user are from two completely distinct domains. The (ssh) login user is governed within the Linux user database (*) and is only valid within Linux. The (OctoPrint) user governed within OctoPrints user database and is only valid within OctoPrint.

It's like facebook and google user and password, two different things. Even if it's running on the same computer.

(*) this Linux user database consists normally of two files /etc/passwd /etc/shadow

Thanks for the clarifications. Does the OctoPi linux OS installed on the Pi has GUI or it is just text based? After logging into the Linux system, I typed startx but the X Windows system did not show up.

It's just text based.

Thank you.

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The desktop can optionally be loaded on OctoPi. Instructions are printed every time you login with SSH. Be aware that running the desktop GUI and GUI applications while actively using your 3D printer could be hazardous to the quality of your 3D prints.