What is the easiest way to run 2 printers wireless


I've already got a Prusa MK3 up and running for the last 4 months and I just ordered a 2nd one. I want to use Octopi on both but all the How-to's to run 2 instances look VERY complicated.

The 2nd printer will have its own PiW. Can I just assign the 2nd Octopi to another IP and rename octopi/local to something else. Or am I over complicating things?


If each printer has it's own pi attached, then it's just a matter of knowing which one has which ip address and accessing the pi via ip address instead of octopi.local in your browser.


Issue each Raspberry Pi their own name using a theme of some kind. I'm running minions (Dave, Bob, etc) in some of mine.


For some reason the IP doesn't work on this one. Ive checked it over and over and I can only login at "local" . Maybe Ill have more luck with the new one.

@ OutsourcedGuru. Im assuming you mean the login name? Im using Prusaprint for Octopi but I think I can change the name.


I mean the /etc/hostname as edited in sudo raspi-config.

http://dave.local, http://bob.local, etc.)


Ok I got it. Thanks Ill give that a try.