What is the easiest way to run 2 printers wireless

I've already got a Prusa MK3 up and running for the last 4 months and I just ordered a 2nd one. I want to use Octopi on both but all the How-to's to run 2 instances look VERY complicated.

The 2nd printer will have its own PiW. Can I just assign the 2nd Octopi to another IP and rename octopi/local to something else. Or am I over complicating things?

If each printer has it's own pi attached, then it's just a matter of knowing which one has which ip address and accessing the pi via ip address instead of octopi.local in your browser.

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Issue each Raspberry Pi their own name using a theme of some kind. I'm running minions (Dave, Bob, etc) in some of mine.

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For some reason the IP doesn't work on this one. Ive checked it over and over and I can only login at "local" . Maybe Ill have more luck with the new one.

@ OutsourcedGuru. Im assuming you mean the login name? Im using Prusaprint for Octopi but I think I can change the name.

I mean the /etc/hostname as edited in sudo raspi-config.

http://dave.local, http://bob.local, etc.)

Ok I got it. Thanks Ill give that a try.