What is the native/default touch screen resolutions for OctoPi? What is the recommended resolutions and screen size to run Octoprint and plugins?

Hi, what is the recommended resolutions and screen size to run Octoprint? Could you please recommend touch displays in the range of 7-12 inches that work well with Octoprint?

You are aware that "none" is a perfectly acceptable answer.

There isn't room next to my 3D printer for a keyboard, mouse, or monitor. I have a small tablet which can use either TouchUI or Printoid to communicate with the printer when I'm close by. I do my design and slicing on my desktop, and send the gcode / monitor the printer using OctoPrint's web interface.

Do Octoprint and its plugins work well with 10.1" 1280x800 and 7" 1024x600 touch screens? It seems that for some screens, some resolutions are not supported even the users modified a system file.

OctoPrint does not currently have a responsive design out-of-the-box, however there are plugins such as TouchUI , or programs such as OctoDash that don't run in the browser.

Whether the screen is supported is a problem for whoever makes the system you are running (I'm assuming Raspberry Pi), I use the official 7" screen with TouchUI

What is the default resolution for OctoPi?

Do you mean resolution of the desktop? That depends on which screen you connect. The Pi will adjust it's resolution to match the display on boot. With a Pi4 you can connect up to 4K display, or as low as 640x480.

If you mean resolution of the UI, that's a website so again it doesn't have a 'resolution' and depends on how you look at it.

The resolution of the UI (the one with big icons) and that of the OctoPi desktop. I read some posts from users who wrote that even they changed the configuration files, their displays had part of the screen not shown. As I am in the process of choosing a touch screen, I worry about compatibility issue.