What was the version release before 1.7?

Running Octoprint on an OPi Zero 2 for the past month or so without issue. I accidently hit update in the octoprint browser tab regarding the new 1.7 release and now Octoprint will not start. I guess the question here really is, what version should I be rolling back to if I initially installed Octoprint about a month ago?

I have tried force-reinstalling, but that didn't seem to do anything. At this point I'd prefer to just roll back to the previous version as I don't have time to troubleshoot this atm.

Running an Orange Pi Zero 2 running armbian 21.08.1 buster if it matters.

Thank you for the fast answer! Looks like the rollback didn't work, guess I'll have to run pi-less again until I have time to recreate a working install.

It might help if you shared logs and such, to figure out what is broken

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