What webcam to buy with rpi4 4GB for 1080p + IR nightvision + heat vision + noise dB measurement + trigger plugins?

  1. To be used with a >80MB/s read/write microSD card.
    Or I could write it to a dedicated server with HDDs or cache it to an SSD where debian spins but it would need to be USB-plugged and it's impossible to extend an USB cord over 20meters, right???

4K@30fps feature would be appreciated, 60fps I'd also like to hear about it

built-in LED feature would be appreciated, such as on the razer kiyo

autofocus as well

heat vision is of course optionnal but I was just wondering if such webcam even exists...

  1. Also, are there plugins to automatically (depending on hour of the day threshold chosen beforehand) trigger some light, either built-in or external plugged to the pi ?

  1. Can the multi cam plugin or another one automatically switch (depending on hour of the day threshold chosen beforehand) the stream from let's say a normal webcam to an IR webcam both plugged to the pi ?

By thanking you in advance,