Where are Octoprint 1.8.3 or 1.8.4 Docker images?


I've been unable to find Octoprint version 1.8.3 for Docker.

The image with the Latest tag is 20 days old and seems to be version 1.8.2.

Am I looking at the wrong place ?

Now that 1.8.4 is out, where can I find the latest version for Docker ?


1.8.4 is just out for a few hours.

I don't think Docker images are faster produced than OctoPrint versions.
BTW: Docker images are not produced by Gina but by other persons.
Give them some time to react to new versions.

You should ask the provider of DockerHub

I wasn't expecting a docker image to be available before the normal version.

Unfortunately the image build for 1.8.3 and newer are failing - they should be done automatically, but the new security changes in 1.8.3 (unintentionally) broke fresh builds with docker. The password hashing relies on system libraries, which weren't included in the docker image. We're still thinking of ways to keep the level of security that the argon2 hash provides without the added pain.

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This clarifies it. Thanks

I've dropped a PR with a fix on the docker repo today that was merged, so the updated images should hopefully soon be available.

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