Where are the wiki instructions to setup the raspi-cam?

Camera model raspi cam

What is the problem? where is the tutorial?

What did you already try to solve it?

So, previously on the wiki there were instructions to setup the raspberry pi camera, now that the wiki is gone, I'm unable to find the same guide here in the forum. Where is it? Can anyone link to it? I don't see the forum as a good place to store docs, to be honest.

Everything that used to be on the wiki is now here, in the knowledge base/guides section:

Though to be honest, using OctoPi you can just plug in the camera and turn the Pi on, it works out of the box. For manual installs, the instructions are in the guide there to setup mjpg streamer. Hopefully you can find whatever guide you are looking for in the knowledgebase.

I haven't looked, but it might be here: