Where can I find a Lulzbot Taz 5 slicer profile?

I'm setting up Octoprint 1.3.8 on two Lulzbot Taz5's using two Raspberry Pi 3's using Debian Stretch to host the servers under Octopi 0.15.1 using wifi. I can connect and see what looks like good commands and responses over the terminal (serial port). I can control the bed temp, hot end temps and run the X,Y and Z motors. The USB camera image shows up on the "Control" page. I can download an STL file. But when I get to the point of starting to slice and print the GUI asks for "Select a slicing profile". I have looked in the Lulzbot web site for a workable profile. I am not sure what a good slicer profile file looks like or where/how to get it into OP's environment. I would be glad to build a slicer profile where to look for instructions.

I use "Nomachine" remote client to run the Rpi(s) and manipulate files (as well as other robot controllers that I develop). Are there plugins I should have installed? I only have CuraEngine 15.04.

If I slice with Lulzbot's Cura can I save the gcode and skip the Octoprint Slicer so I can verify that the OP's engine outputs the GCode correctly for me? I could then go back and fix the slicer profile issue.

Octoprint is incredible software. It is worth as many hours as might take to get it running. Thanks for any help in advance.

Just let Google do the trick:
There is a profile for nearly every need...
BTW: there is just a new Version of Cura out.

The Curaengine installed with OctoPrint is NOT compatible with versions of Cura beyond 15.04.6. You need Cura 15.04.6 installed somewhere else (unless you can find pre-made profiles) as you cannot generate or modify profiles on OctoPrint.

There have been many enhancements to Cura that are worth having as well as alternate slicers with features that Cura 15.04.6 doesn't have. I strongly recommend that you slice somewhere else and just upload gcode files to OctoPrint for printing.

Honestly, I don't believe I've ever sliced an STL in OctoPrint and I've printed a thousand or so parts in the last year.

I prefer slicing in the stand-alone Cura application. It's a beautiful/free app which is well-maintained. Inside OctoPrint is a limited version of this. It may seem convenient but I like the ultimate control that I get by doing this outside of OctoPrint.

You slice there, then upload the resulting gcode file to OctoPrint and print it.