Where do I find API Key


I got ready to print and now am stopped. It asked for a key. Duh.

I thank everyone for all the help so far and just want to see it work.


I answered in your other thread.


Please take the time to read through OctoPrint's documentation, your question is answered there: http://docs.octoprint.org/en/master/api/general.html and while a lot of the documentaion is on the more technical side for people trying to develop plugins and such, it is still worth taking a look at. Just skip any of the development sections.

Unfortunately there doesn't yet exist a user manual specifically for OctoPrint's UI that doesn't also include the more technical aspects.


Thanks but I already did. It is not that I cannot find it it is down to my ignorance of Linux. I hate to admit it but I do not even know how to start doing simple thing such as changing my password.

Henry Staub



Everyone's gotta start somewhere. There's plenty of great tutorials on using linux, search youtube for some and watch a couple and find someone who teaches at a pace you can keep up with. You don't need to know how to use linux in order to find your API key though, it's in octoprint's settings dialog box, in the UI you'd access through your browser.

Also when you say "it asked for a key", what is "it"? OctoPrint won't ask you for an API key if you're using it through its own interface.

p.s. keep your API key safe, anyone with that key can pretty much do whatever they want to your octoprint instance, change the temperature, move it around, print stuff, etc. If anyone asks you to post your configuration file, make sure you remove sensitive info from it.