Where is the best camera location for taking videos?

Based on experience, where is the best location to install the camera to take videos of the time lapse? Right at the front at the same level as the build plate, right in front of the printer but at a height above the entire printer or same level but at the corner?

I can imagine that if at the same level as the build plate, I cannot see the infill patterns of my models and if the models are tall, the upper part will not be shown.

It depends on what you want to achieve.
Have a look on some time lapse videos in the net and decide what's the best for you.
Here is one

It really depends on why you want a camera and timelapses and the priority you place on them vs. convenient access to your printer and the objects produced.

In my case, access to the printer and the objects produced is higher priority than the production of timelapses. I use the camera primarily for troubleshooting. Therefore I have located my camera behind the printer and pointed at the bed. If the printed object is too tall, my camera won't capture all of it. If I positioned the camera in front of the printer and higher up, it would capture more of the object as it printed but it would be in the way.

Thanks. Two main purposes: 1. To check if the print job is running fine. If I see Spaghetti, go to the printer located in another room to stop it. 2. Create cool looking time lapse videos.

Thanks for the nice video. For the pyramids, how to get different viewpoints? Using two separate cameras? Also, how come I don't see the extruder nor rods of the printer at 0:34-47? How can I do that?

I assume they did it that way

Can Octoprint take video images of multiple cameras at the same time?

You can find information on this here in the forum:
Just seek for multi cam:


Some of the threads are on that topic