Where to purchase hardware


I’m new to 3D printing and would like to get the Octoprint system set up, so that I can leave projects printing at work and monitor them from home. What hardware do I need to get, i.e. camera, wiring, etc.? Does someone sell a complete kit with everything needed? Thank you!



There are some kits that benefit Octoprint's development, or you can mix-and-match like many of us do. It depends on your country and what parts you already have.

And it doesn't have to be on a Raspberry Pi either- that's just the "reference design" and is affordable.


if you whant a good connected power outlet for 220 to sart and stop the printer you may hhave look to tp link! in off a plugin are already been developed for octoprint!


Or use one of these.


Thank you everyone for the help!