Which is the best Raspbian OS for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

Hello everyone.
I have two running Octoprint systems and they are running well but I was wondering about if it would be better to upgrade the Raspbian OS.
Both of them are Pi 3 B+ with buster and OctoPrint 1.9.3 running.

Are there any security aspects or any other reasons for upgrading them or shall I just keep it like it is?
Do the newer OS need more RAM? The performance is alright, I just think about security issues or impossibles updates of plugins.
I am looking forward to your advices :slight_smile:

(Buying new hardware is no option :smiley:)

Buster still got LTS support until 2024-06-30.
So there isn't a need to to something now :slight_smile:

Can't tell you if it needs more ram.

If your OctoPrint instance still runs on Python 2 you can upgrade it to Python 3 and you're back up to date on the OctoPrint side :slight_smile:

If it's running 1.9.3, then it must be using Python 3. We haven't yet set a timeframe for dropping Python 3.7 support, which it most likely is using for Buster, so it's safe for now - you'd find out when we intended to do so with some form of communication.

Whoop's I missed that part :sweat_smile: