Which PSU controll to buy


I would like to controll a psu with the octoprint. I bought an Tapo P100 but it seems they cannot be controlled anymore. Do you have any suggestion for a working psu controll? I live in germany btw so i would need a european compatible.


Look at this url :

Hello @Domeus !

I also have a P100 and it runs fine.

Hi @Ewald_Ikemann what plugins do you use? I tried several but none could connect and controll my psu.

You need:


I installed them both and entered IP, username and password and it doesnt do anything

Have you created the Tapo account?

hi, im having the same problem with P100 i tried putting the tp-link account email and password it didn't work i tried having the octoprint username and password still didn't work i have a static ip and all with my phone the tapo app works fine let me know how you got it working thank you.

These are my settings in PSU Control:

And these in PSU Control -Tapo:


thanks but i tried every solution out there and nothing seems to work for me :frowning: