Which Raspberry Pi would work best with a Webcam

I've been reading around and there's several things that confuse me. Because 1 says this and the other says that. All Im trying to figure out is. Which Raspberry Pi do i need to make everything run smooth with printer and webcam.

I have a Prusa Mk3, using a RasPi 3B with a Logitech C310 webcam.
I had some issues due to undervoltage, but a better qulity power supply and short usb cable sorted that issue out. The octroprint app OctoPod (iOS and free) works like a charm.

I'm not sure if there's much for objective data, but I would personally recommend at least an RPi 3B in general, and especially for a webcam.

And given the price difference between a 3B and a 2GB 4B is usually pretty small, and the large performance jump between the 3B and 4B, I'd recommend a 2GB 4B unless it's not available or if the cost is prohibitive.

The varying information you've seen is probably due to the fact that you can technically run it on less, but in many cases that causes limitations on plugins/hardware used (ie. no webcam) and can even cause printing issues (stuttering) when performance issues arise.

I'll also echo part of the comment above and others you've likely seen around: in any case, get a good power supply. The kits/bundles that sell the RPi and PSU, etc are usually a good idea. I've bought CanaKit the last couple of times I've bought an RPi and haven't had issues with it. Yes, it's more expensive than just buying the bare RPi, but you absolutely do need a good power supply, a phone charger won't work properly.

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