Why is there a giant octopus on my Prusa MK3.5 screen?

I just upgrade my Prusa MK3s to an MK3.5, which includes a new controller board ("xBuddy") and a new color LCD display. The old black/white display on my MK3s was crammed with useful info. But for some reason, when I print on the new one, this is what I see:

Why is there an octopus on the top half of the screen, and how do I get rid of it? The only useful information is very tiny line on the bottom with temperatures. I don't even see percentage completion any more.

octoprint-systeminfo-20240407100610.zip (57.6 KB)

Octoprint 1.9.3

This is a kind of progress compared to the first versions of the firmware for this board. In the beginning there was no display at all when a print was running via OctoPrint. Now there is this. They promised to implement a progress display in one of the coming versions.

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Ugh, why would Prusa do this? It's so dumb.

I like it.

This a problem with the Prusa firmware for the MK3.5, the MK4, and the XL. All of them use the new 32 bit board and the firmware needed to be rewritten. All the Octopus shows is the printer is being driven by Octoprint. Eventually, the printer screen will work like the MK3x printers. Lots of people have complained about this.