Why we need to refresh browser to view the video feed?

What is the problem?

Most often when using iPad or iPhone to view the print process in the Control tab, I have to refresh to browser after waking the device especially the device changed to sleep mode or I just turn it off temporarily by pressing the power button once. Don’t recall needing to do that in the past. Is there a way that I don’t need to refresh the browser?

I guess that's a feature of your browser - it shows an offline version of the last website to keep loading times short.
Idk if you can disable it. I would suggest to use one of the Octoprint apps from the appstore.

Thank you. I use Safari on iPhone and iPad. When searching octoprint in Apple’s app store, several showed up. Which is the recommended or official one?

There's no official one, all of them are 3rd party. It's more personal preference of the features the app has, or how the UI looked.

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