WiFi chip dead?

Generic OV style camera

So I used masking tape on board of camera and to hold the darn ribbon cable in. I didn't secure it on the RPi the same way but I had the board running OP pretty much out in the open.

So I'm working a lot on it tonight and I start getting issues with my BL touch erroring out. I checked it was plugged in properly and it homed fine then. Since I moved my home to the back of plate the gantry would bump the camera which has a wire and clip attachment so it should be fine. However, it was now I notice my octoprint isn't loading. Maybe the camera somehow shorted out the board... I didn't recover any wires or metal that were shorting. I only have plastic in this room.

I ping it fine. Scan ports shows 80 open brefily, then 22 and maybe 443. I can't get any HTTP data. The WiFi chip is blazing hot! I power it down and remove the only things attached which were camera and USB to printer. It boots again and overheats promptly. I just got the thing.

No logs as it didn't boot

Its a RPi B+ attached to camera, sdcard, and ender 3 pro v422 running marlin bugfix 2.0.x.

So I pull out SD card and it gets red led but no act. Chip stays cool. I replace sd card. Starts and act led flashes a few times. About 80 seconds in the chip suddenly begins to get very hot. Probably about once it had Octoprint started.!

I physically move the pi a little when i checked wiring. Perhaps short occurs here.

Odd thing was the camera rolled on until I turned off unit and repowered it. Another camera shows I just flipped switch, didn't mess with the RPi or camera. This is the last frame it took.
After this is when I had connection problems.

Just to be sure - are you talking about a first gen pi or about a pi 3+?

Hi Hal its a 3B+

It booted into its Linux but I port scanned it and services became wonky. HTTP no data received. I bought a replacement.

I don't think camera is to blame as it showed no damage.

Don't have enough energy to do anything but thanks for your insight. I cant replace the chip that's beyond my pay grade.

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Just for the record, I recently had to replace an early RPi 3 (not a 3+) after its wifi would just stop working out of the blue after reboots and on its own. Switched to a 3+ with the same image, things have been rock solid since then. So apparently those things can indeed just die.