Wifi Dongle Questions


I have been trying to use a Wi-Pi wifi dongle for wifi connectivity, I am having issues with it, possibly drivers, and have been looking for a replacement. Anyone have recommendations of dongles that have worked as plug-and-play with Octopi? Also how much does power supply matter for wifi dongles, currently using a USB brick, but am considering a offical power supply.

Octopi 0.18.0 with Octoprint 1.8.4
Raspberry Pi B+

Any help is appreciated!

A Raspberry Pi 3B+ has built in WiFi. Are you sure that you need a dongle?

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Sorry, my mistake, it is a Pi B+ without the 3, and does not have inbuilt WiFi

I think the easiest way to find a compatible dongle is to include debian/ubuntu/linux in a search on amazon.

Any of the Pi boards have an issue when under-powered. If your PSU is adequate then the wifi dongle should not be an issue. However, if powering both the printer board (with printer PSU off) and the wifi dongle from the Pi it certainly may become an issue. Care in selecting what is powered via usb from the Pi is optimum.

You could use an external self powered hub between the Pi and the printer but plug the dongle directly into the Pi and it should work.