Wifi signal strength indicator in OctoPrint

Hi there,
This feels like a really silly question but I somehow wasn’t able to find an answer to it.
I just want to know where the WIFI is strong enough in my garage to find a spot for my printer and I kind of expected there to be a signal strength indicator in the web interface of OctoPrint. Is there a simple way to see how strong the Pi’s connection is?

Thanks in advance!

There is no build-in indicator - but that's a neat idea.
The easiest way to check it would be to look for it in the webinterface of your access point/router.

If you still want to check it on the pi I would suggest you ssh into it and run

 sudo iwlist wlan0 scan | egrep "Cell|ESSID|Signal|Rates"

That should list all available wifis and their signal strength.

Checkout @kantlivelong s answer :slight_smile:

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wow I stand corrected - didn't know that one exists

Eh honestly unless you like walking around with your printer there's not much of a need for the info in the UI so the plugin can be easy to miss. I can see it being useful initially though.

Thanks for the help! Checking my routers Web interface does work but the plugin provides exactly what I was looking for.

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