Wifi Will Not Work!

I have edited the file to configure the wifi and it will not conect. I have tried 4 different wifi networks and none of them work. It will work over ethernet though. I do not want to have to use my ethernet connection all the time for this so I want to use wifi.

I have tried solving it by trying different networks and connecting manually using the raspi config.

Im using a raspi model B+ with the intergrated wifi card.

Some things:

  • try sudo iw wlan0 scan
  • show us the output of ifconfig wlan0 and your config in /boot/wpa-supplicant.txt.

Here you go!!
(I don't want to share my password so I just put password as the psk)

I still need help! Hello?

Is the country code US (as seen in octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt) or should it be something else?

We are also still waiting for the output of

And you should also take a look at this topic, specifically this bit in it:

and share the mentioned file if nothing noted here has helped so far.

Is your SSID hidden on your router configuration (commonly done for improved security)?
If so, you must add scan_ssid=1 to the config in /boot/wpa-supplicant.txt

Your config should look like this when correct:

## WPA/WPA2 secured
ssid="your ssid"
psk="your password"

I think this one needs to be included in the main FAQ. This has been an issue for me in more installations than with OctoPi.

@DaCoach I've added it to

edit and also linked to that from the downloads page.

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