Will not print larger files


I have Octoprint set up on a raspberry Pi 3B+m anytime i up load a file larger then 2MB, the printer runs the test line down the outside edge of the printer bed, but will not run the print. I have no issues with anything under 2MB. I am running a SainSmart Ender 3 with stack firmware. Any help would be appreciated.


Share logs- both octoprint.log and serial.log.


WRONG Google Drive link provided to catalog (deleted)


W9nt let me post a link to Google drive




If you look in the serial.log, it says:

2019-03-19 04:38:31,937 - serial.log is currently not enabled, you can enable it via Settings > Serial Connection > Log communication to serial.log

I see errors in the log from 3/17 5am (which might be later on 3/16 depending on your time zone). Certainly your Pi is suffering from a power supply issue, and it came up when you uploaded and started a print.

2019-03-17 05:11:17,717 - octoprint.filemanager.analysis - INFO - Invoking analysis command: /home/pi/oprint/bin/python2 -m octoprint analysis gcode --speed-x=6000 --speed-y=6000 --max-t=10 --throttle=0.0 --throttle-lines=100 /home/pi/.octoprint/uploads/CE3_RaspiNAS_Bottom.gcode
2019-03-17 05:11:22,812 - octoprint.plugins.pi_support - WARNING - This Raspberry Pi is reporting problems that might lead to bad performance or errors caused by overheating or insufficient power.
!!! UNDERVOLTAGE REPORTED !!! Make sure that the power supply and power cable are capable of supplying enough voltage and current to your Pi.

It's hard to know if there's more going on, we'll need more info from you, but there are a couple things to fix. Buy a better power supply, enable the serial log, and provide more information.