Will Octoprint interface and work with a Creality K1?


I used an Ender 5 for years with Octoprint and loved it. I recently got a K1 and I have found no useful info for connecting it to Octoprint. I did see some references to a Creality Plugin for Octoprint but no one seemed to have it working.

If there is some way to accomplish this please point me to the info please. I really miss Octoprint!



Heyho :tentacle:

I don't know the printer and can only give you my educated guess.
The "problem" with this and similar printers is that they already have an integrated single-board computer like the Raspberry Pi that runs the Klipper software.
So if you want to run OctoPrint on it, you need to connect to the Pi like computer inside the printer, disable the Klipper software (probably something like Fluidd) and install OctoPrint on it.

That requires some linux knowledge and we can only help you so far because we don't have the machine here.

Thanks for answering! I guess I will just have to hope a path to Octoprint becomes available in the future.


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