Wireless OctoPi Camera


Is there a way to set up a wireless camera with OctoPi?

Perhaps a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a Pi Camera Module to communicate wireless to a Raspberry Pi 3 that is running OctoPi? My goal is to mount a Raspberry Pi 3 inside a Monoprice Select Mini v2 to eliminate the Pi Camera Module flat cable entirely.


You could have two Raspis. Let's say the Raspi3 is running OctoPrint and the Raspi0 with ribbon cable is attached to a Pi NoIR camera.

On the Raspi0 you run the mjpg-streamer and set its hostname to octo-cam or similar. In your OctoPrint settings for the webcam in the first field, you replace the part with octo-cam.local. In theory, OctoPrint's local timelapse code will fetch snapshots from the remote octo-cam and turn them into mpeg locally.

You don't need to power the Raspi0 from the Raspi3 which would technically tether this and it sounds like you didn't want to do that.


I actually use a similar set-up where I run OctoPi images on both a Pi 3 and a Pi Zero W and I have a PiCamera attached on the Pi Zero W and use it's stream address on the other Pi 3 for it's stream url. I know it's additional overhead to run a full OctoPrint instance on the Pi Zero W for camera, but I also use it for development and testing of plugins as well in virtual printer mode.


Thank you guys, I will give your tethering idea a try this weekend!