Wyze Cam V2 Support?

Hey guys, I'm curious if any of the stock firmware streams are non-rstp encapsulated h264 format? I think the HLSWebcam plugin might be able to hook into this if so, would just need to do some testing.

Wyze released a USB webcam firmware - https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041605111-Webcam-Firmware-Instructions
It can be the quick solution for those who have the camera close enough for USB cable.

When speaking about HLS - we are using FFMpeg for this, which is a Swiss knife of video streaming. We can ingest virtually any stream if we have enough CPU performance.

Yeah, I'm aware of the USB webcam option, but in general think it would be better having the processing of the stream/image creation offloaded to the device itself if it supports it, so really just proxying the provided stream to the HTML video tag seems like a legitimate solution, assuming we can get a stream format the Wyze 2 cam can output and the video tag in your viewmodel can handle.

Just glancing at the code of your control viewmodel it seems you are detecting if the stream URL can be ingested by the video tag if I remember correctly, which an HTML video tag can handle a pure h264 file, just not sure how well that works with a stream. For example 2 years ago I made this plugin, but didn't really develop it any further.

Sorry to resurrect an old comment, but does this change get overwritten when OctoPi updates? I just looked at mine and it was reverted to the original setting.

Have we got a final solution to this? I'm running the custom firmware on my wyze