Wyze Cam v2 with Webcam Firmware Pi CPU Usage

Hi, I'm trying to evaluate whether or not I should buy the Wyze Cam v2 to use with Octoprint as a webcam with the webcam firmware they provide.

Im planning to eventually run 2 or more octoprint instances on one raspberry pi which is why its important to me to know the CPU usage of this camera in Webcam mode and NOT RSTP mode.

I've searched for about 30 minutes to try to find the answer to this question, but while there are some guides running through how to set up such a setup, there doesn't seem to be any information with regards to whether or not this camera supports compressed MJPEG streams right from the camera so that it does not require conversion on the part of the raspberry pi.

If you are currently using that setup, or happen to know if it is supported and what your cpu usage looks like, that would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

I've come to realize the difficulty in getting this to work correctly, so for 10 bucks more I just bought a Logitech C270

There's some work being done on this I believe, on the discord server it has been mentioned. Seemed to be going quite well, once it was going at least. Not sure where to find the links, but it was under #support-webcam on discord.octoprint.org

Hey man,
I am using a PiCam and a Wyze Cam 2 for my Ender 5. What I ended up doing is using the PiCam for my bed monitoring and then I printed a mount for my wyze to mount on the side. There is a way to flash firmware to your cam to create a url for it and you can then put it into OctoPrint.

Heres the link from the Wyze site:

If you find a different way let me know I am curious to see what other options are out there.


@Trickflow The goal is to use the Wyze webcam firmware as, as far as I know, RTSP has high cpu usage which would be bad if I wanted to run 2 instances of octopi on one pi.

Its why I was hoping someone else was using it directly as a USB Webcam and could attest to whether or not it sends a compressed MJPEG stream or not.

I'll run mine off USB later today and see if I can get a better answer for you. I haven't had a problem with the RTSP but then again I don't run two instances. If you find something though can you post it? I'm curious about it now because the picture quality is awesome from wyze.

The discussion on discord is using a custom firmware called openmiko that is still under development. It embeds the mjpgstreamer application into it's firmware, which offloads the processing from your pi. From what I've seen it does work pretty good. This is a live example of a stream running from the camera. Not sure if it will still be up when you try to access though.