X axis when starting a print

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I've been using octoprint for a while on a raspberry pi 3. I am running the latest stable release. My printer is a balco touch which is a rebranded wanhao i3 Plus.
Now, octoprint works brilliantly, all the manual controls work, everything is great apart from one little issue.

When starting a new print it does not send the print head to its home location on the x axis. The y and z axis it will do but not x (for clarity, that's the left/right if looking at the printer head on). This obviously causes issues where the print head moves too far to the right and skips on the belt. I know now every time to just manually push the head to the left but it's an annoyance and not sure what to do about it. Any clues? Is this an octoprint issue or a gcode issue? I use cura as a slicer but when I print using the machines menus it works.

It's a GCODE issue. OctoPrint streams your files to the printer. It expects them to contain everything that is needed for a print job to successfully run. Apparently that is not the case here so I'd look into the start GCODE configured in my slicer and fix it. Or look into why the firmware of the printer is not homing properly.

I have something like this happing on "print 2" I downloaded some of the Rpi Case STL files from (I don't remember) but they have a substantial library of items. I have a Pi3, Octoprint Image from 2 days ago. I think I just found my issue. Ugg, another bleeding moment (from my eyes) My Monoprice IIIP v.1 has a print area of 120x120x120.

What do I do, when an objects size is larger? The parts aren't too large for my bed, but are way spread out. do I suck this .stl file into my editor of choice & muck with it? I'm an OctoPrint Noob, 3D printer noob, not a Pi noob. If I learn as I type, be patient. Thank you!