Xinkebot support

**What is the problem?**I was looking into setting up octoprint for my new xinkebot. I do not see support for my xinkebot orca 2 sygnus.

What did you already try to solve it? I was told to try support for a printer close to mine. The G max 1.5 is close but do not see support for it either.

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, octoprint.log, serial.log or output on terminal tab, ...)

Try this thread.

any updates?
I want to buy this printer and use it with octoprint =)

No, I believe it can be done easy enough. I have several hobbies going at once and have to divide my money between them. So the OctoPrint has not been purchased yet. Maybe next month. ....... I do love this printer. After watching people on YouTube have to repair their new printer on a weekly basis I decided to try to get something more dependable. I have emptied four spools. No problem so far. (hatchbox PLA, hatchbox wood, Xinkebot PLA, eSun Pro PLA and 1/2 spool Lodesighn TPU)
I am really liking this eSun Pro. It gives cleaner stronger prints. The only down side I have found with the eSun pro is that it seems to show scratches more.

Just watch the something-infused filaments. I ran three spools through my hotend of carbon fiber—infused PLA and the throat of the nozzle was literally eaten away; I had to replace the nozzle. And unless you're familiar with the incremental symptoms of this, you might think that something else is going on.

Thanks for the warning. I found extra nozzles on Amazon fairly cheap. I think they were around 5 for $8. At that price I can replace them every month or after using harsh filament. I replaced one already. It clogged because I was running too cold. I cleaned it out but I guess I did not do a good job. After fooling with it for 20 minutes I just tossed it and put a new one in.

Just heat it up to about 220 and it ought to ooze itself back to normal.

Hi i got the printer and set up octoprint
i'm trying my first print, and for some reason the hot end is not heating up
even when i tried to use the preheat plug in , as soon as the print starts the target drops!
any help?

I remember having the same problem at first. I was using Cura to slice with and forgot sometimes in the Cura settings. I had to go back and go over the setting information sent on the SD card that came with the printer. The second time that the problem occurred I had forgot to reattach The extruder cable after swapping extruders.