XY axes are wrong



My xy axes are wrong. So when i setup the part in Cura i have to mirror it and rotate it 90 degree on the Z axis for it to print like it shows on the Cura screen. I have set the home on octopi to be upper left.
So how do i change the Y to become the X axis and also invert the x or y axis?
My printer is a CR-10S and both octopi and cura are the latest versions.


You should take a look if it´s not your firmware. Maybe you need to invert the axis there.

If you slice in Cura and save in SD card, is it still inverted?


I'll try to print from sd later today.


You can also take a look at Printer Profile, Axes section. There you can invert axis control.


Not to mention that the invert mode of the Y axis, for example, needs to be the same in both your Cura printer profile and your OctoPrint printer profile.


Ok, it is the firmware. When i move the x axis on the printer the y axis moves. So how do i fix this?


Does the printer work right if you don't print via OctoPrint? (If you've never printed before OctoPrint then it's entirely possible that the X and Y cabling is swapped on your printer itself.)


Ok, lol, it is my fault. When i did put together the printer i had it turned 90 degree, so i was tired and put the y on the x axis. Fck i feel stupid now, goodnight.


You'd be surprised how common this mistake is. Especially for those building Anet A8's.