Z axis does not move on Move command



I have a Creality CR-10S running Marlin 1.1.8 FW and i have been using Repetier-Server from my PI3 just fine but i wanted to give Octopie also a spin.

I configured everything related to the printer and can also obviously connect the printer to it.

I can do Home XYZ just fine with the manual controls as well as move the X and Y axis using the interface.

However whenever i try to move the Z axis via the control tab it does not move at all. All i am hearing is a humming from the steppers but no movement in either direction what so ever. This is strange because the Home Z command does in fact move the Z axis as expected so i am not sure why this does not seem to work.

Because of this i have not tryed yet to print anyting.

Additional question: I may have missed this but is there an option to give octoprint the movement/accelaration parameters? Repetier-Server has this and i noticed with my above experimenting that when i was moving the x or y axis from the control tab they moved in the right directions etc but at a much slower speed then on my Repetier-Server setup.



In your printer profile you can set the movement speed. OctoPrint may be trying to move the printer faster than the axis can move, you might want to fix that by setting a lower max speed in your firmware (never rely on host software to set any kind of speed limit).

There's a plugin in the repository that allows you to change the acceleration / movement speed parameters in your eeprom, just pick the one for your firmware (marlin vs repetier firmware)


Yeah i know about that plugin and i have it installed.

Regarding the original issue. I just did a quick test print and thankfully the gcode is executed correctly (with working Z axis movements) so i really don't understand why the move Z axis commands from the control tab don't seem to work.


A look into the terminal tab might provide some clues here. That would allow to verify that a) OctoPrint is sending the commands and b) they are accepted by the firmware.