Zero 2 W ENC28J60 And GPIO control

Hey all I am new to the world of Raspberry pi's. I have been looking around the plugins for the Octoprint and it looks like there's one plugin for GPIO control called gpiocontrol but I am unsure if its what I want. I am wanting to communicate with it via ethernet so I can turn on/off my relays that I would be connecting to the Zero 2 W. Is that something that Octoprint has built into their API? The ability to control the GPIO pins?

My other issue is with getting the ENC28J60 working. I've seen a few tutorials on how to go about connecting it to the Zero 2 W but I have yet to find anything in the Octoprint plugins that mention ENC28J60? Is this just working out of the box kind of thing?

I appreciate the help and reply's! Thanks!

Hi :slight_smile:

I can't tell you whether or not you can control this plugin via the api - but it works fine via the webinterface.

Not at all. You have to configure it on the OS level. That's nothing an Octoprint plugin could do.
The easiest way would probably be to use a dts file like this one RaspberryMatic/enc28j60-overlay.dts at 9378265f37d2a31845a71507e939585bcfe44425 · eq-3/RaspberryMatic · GitHub.
I really wouldn't use an ENC28J60. Those things are ok for an Arduino or ESP but they're slow, run hot and the one I tried didn't work with 3.3V logic levels (even though it said so on the packaging).

I would rather buy an usb hub and an usb to ethernet adapter (there are even usb hubs with integrated ethernet).

Thanks for the reply printedWeezl. I’ll look into it and see what I can do. Just didn’t want to mess up the Zero 2 w’s since they are at a premium now a days.

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