Zit in my prints via octoprint as compared to SD card

Recently my prints with curves in them and when printing via Octopi I can watch/hear the head pause, especially when going around curves. I also see all kinds of zits being produced.

I took the same gcode and copied it to SD and printed it from there. Still, a few zits but nothing compared to the Octopi print.

Used Cura 4.4.1 to create the gcode.

I did calibrate the extruder and it is spot on.
I lowered the outer wall speed to 30mm (from 50)

I read on one of the boards that the serial port speed on the pi & ender serial port is to low so that it stops while waiting for Gcode, which is the pauses I hear (sounds like chatter)

I don't know if this is related to latest Cura and how it's generating gcode for curves.

I did read in a post at [https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/6748](http://Compensate Wall Overlaps) to turn of Compensate Wall Overlaps. That did not help.

In the pictured the complete Benchy if from the SD card. The partial is via octoprint.

Any advice would be appreciated. I really enjoy Octoprint and don't want to loose all it has to offer.


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octoprint.zip (404.7 KB)
Octoprint log

There are some connection issues with thespaghettidetective.
Could you please

  • share the serial.log
  • start OctoPrint in safemode to check if the problem persists

I did not have serial logging turned on. I turned it on.
I should have known to try safemode. I ran in safemode and it is printing fine. I will run another print with all the plug ins enabled except thespaghettidetective and see what happens. Then enable thespaghettidetective and see what happens.

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Attached is the serial and octoprint logs. With spaghetti detective on

Serial.zip (3.5 MB) octoprint.log (254.0 KB)

I am looking forward to how you get on with this, I have the same issues, to the point I have given up using octoprint. I have enabled serial logs, but no idea where to find them or Id share them with you, I have tried safe mode and no different, so sd card printing from now on, such a shame!

Safe mode created great prints. Run normal mode without Spaghetti Detective and the prints had just a few zits. I cranked up retraction distance to 10 and retraction speed to 60 and that helped as well.

guess I am having a completely different issue then, I am just running a print so I have a log, if i can find it, i will load it.

Ive seen this, but it doesnt help...

Here is my log file

'octoprint.log (224.9 KB)