After 2 years break. Octoprint 1.5.3 will not update

my Printer "Ender 3 with MKS Gen 1.4" works well since i stop using him 1,5 - 2 Years ago.
I clean him and plug power back in and it works so far.

What is the problem?

I try Updating the Octoprint from 1.5.3 to the up to date version.
It shows many Issues and is not able to update octoprint.
I`m totally out of my Hobby in the moment and dont have an idea how to solve it.
The Software say: "Ratelimit" overloaded. Please see the Logs.

I add the Logs to this Post, perhaps someone have a fast tweak for me how to fix this.
octoprint.log (69.1 KB)

What did you already try to solve it?

Restart System, Try Updating one after another.
Check the Log, but i dont have really plan about this.

octoprint.log (69.1 KB)

Hello @NedSin !

The version of OctoPrint and OctoPi you run are quite old now.
The recent OctoPrint version only runs on Python 3.6 and higher.
For that you first have to update your setup to that version.

My recommendation:

Make a backup of everything you need (Octoprint Settings -> Backup and Restore) and save it on your PC.

Create a new OctoPi SD card (preferably with another SD card)
At the start you will be asked for a backup. You can upload the one you made before.
The plugins are downloaded with their newest version.
Be aware, that some plugins do not have a Python 3 version.

ok, thank you.
I will do that.

seems easiest way !

EDIT: Yes, it works.
Thank you and case closed.