Android phone as octoprint server


Hello Octoprint fans,

I have question to you - is someone using Android phone as octoprint host?

I have some old android phone so I wanted to try it. I have installed Debian Jessie and working octoprint server but communication between phone and printer is not working, octoprint don't find any port, I can choose only auto and its not working.

Cable connection is OK because I can control printer from android app (move axis for example).

I don't have much experiences with Linux but according some tutorials I found some log which shows that usb device was connected

Thank you for any reply


In android I can control the printer throught app Reprap control, there I have it connected on port like on the screen but when I type this address manually in octoprint and save then I have still only port auto in the drop down list. So maybe I need to link it somewhere in the Linux but I'm only fresh beginer so I don't know how to do it.

Any tips?

Thank you


Phones are optimized to extend battery life. Most of them out-of-the-box will try to sleep if left idle for more than a few moments. As a result of this, I think a phone would be a poor platform for trying to host OctoPrint since it needs to remain on throughout the duration of the print.


You can 100% disable features like Screen timeout and Optimize for battery.

If I had to guess, I would say your application doesn't have permissions to save the configuration file at the intended directory. You would need to investigate where configuration files are stored and check the permissions with:

ls -la

Personally, I think that's an awesome idea to upcycle the computational power of an Android phone!