Arducam Motorized Focus - No control

Camera model

Arducam Motorized Focus B0176/B01176B

What is the problem?

Can not set focus from Octoprint control, no auto focus or manual adjust.
I'm not very good whit Linux and PC stuff, but I can follow instructions. I don't know what is the problem, is it my Cam, should I use something less expensive?

What did you already try to solve it?

Read many post, enable I2C. ssh, installed latest plugins related.

Additional information about your setup

***Version 1.0.0, running on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B Rev 1.5 ***OctoPrint, The web interface for your 3D printer Version 1.9.3 ***ENDER 3 V2 as printer

Any help or comment is very welcome, thanks ahead.

It's been quite some time since I got the motorized focus camera to work, but it was on octopi 0.18 image. There's a good chance that something in the newer Bullseye OS broke the arducam plugins from functioning. At the time, when I went through it I did update the instructions on the plugin listing for ArducamCameraControl for what did work for me.

Thank you for your reply but I have the same status. No control. I see the picture (out of focus) at close proximity. The GUI is showing me everything no error until I press on the control and bang "Trouble accessing camera. I2C bus failure" appears...
I'm not code smart about coding and GitHub, but I have no success. Maybe I'll give this up.

I am dealing with the same issue, if i follow the steps in this quick start i can get the camera to auto focus and confirm when i run libcamera-still -t 5000 but then with the different libcamera installed OctoPi no longer sees the camera. I am guessing that is because the install steps in the other tutorial dont install libcamera the way OctoPi needs it installed. Hoping someone out there figured out how to take whats in that install package from ArduCam and put it in OctoPi

sounds like you're using the new camera stack. when you install arducam's patched version of libcamera it removes camera-streamer. the only way to resolve that I think is to manually build camera-streamer on the same pi with that patched arducam libcamera present.

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thank you, ill try that next. i created this post detailing where i landed so far. It seems mostly to be about a specific config for the autofocus that seems to not be in the octoPi build yet. still new to this so im sure there is more to it I am missing

It's great to see that others have the same interest. I can see the video and recording with my B0176 (OV5647) Cam, with the exception of Focus. The Octoprint gives me the "unable to use SMBus/I2C" msg... I don't know where to look for this.