Backing up Octoprint with Plugins

This is a bit of a multi topic question.

First, just to confirm does the bundled backup save the plugins? And any special handling required to manually restore or more precisely scp to the backup to another instance.

Just a bit of background, every now and then the xserver gets corrupted I suspect from the display drivers (Using GPIO screen) and I'm forced to do a fresh install. Not the end of the world but would be nice not to have to reinstall and remember all the plugins I've been using.

More like the xserver gets confused about the display...

Second, ... if some has a solution to the root of my issue.. the corruption of the Xserver or it's confusion. Uninstalling and reinstalling (X11 & suite)doesn't appear to solve the issue nor reinstaling octodash. As a last attempt Running octoprit's "install desktop" options does fix the issue. but of course it will install a heavy desktop.


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It saves a list of installed plugins, so that when you use the restore feature OctoPrint re-downloads the plugins from the plugin repository and reinstalls them.

I would always recommend using the built in backup/restore process as it will make sure everything happens correctly. Otherwise see below:


If I understand correctly once I restore the backup I go to update plugin and it will redownlaod plugins and install them... Or the restor process will down load them.


The restore process downloads & reinstalls everything for you

Hi George. You can use plugins to better manage your backups. I use 2 plugins for that. Backup Scheduler and OneDrive Backup.

This way I get my backups done regularly and uploaded to the cloud.

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