Best usb camera for octoprint

What's the best usb camera to use with octoprint cant use the raspberry pi Camera as the pi 400 doesn't have the slot

Funny I posed this same question on Facebook and got instant response on here 6h and not one lol

Maybe here no one got a Pi 400 to give you a proper hint?

The pi 400 uses the sam octoprint as the other pi's so any answer for the any li would of been ok I only mentioned the pi 400 as it has no socket for the pi cam

There's a whole topic dedicated to people testing which cameras work with OctoPi/OctoPrint, which may help you:

Thankyou I'll take a look at that tomorrow when I get in from work I had a quick glance and it says I can use my IP cam just need to work out how I have tried putting its http address but I didn't know about the :80 port on the end so I'll see

Perhaps for the benefit of others, it might be nice to share some of the response you got. What advice did you get?

I got any lol also logitech c270 or c300

OMG! How dare this community not immediately jump in to reiterate recommendations that have already been done several times and can easily be found via the search function and the term "best webcam", really, shame on all of us... /s

In all seriousness, use the search please, this has really been discussed repeatedly, see for example


Ok cheers for the reply altho it was a sarcastic response I'm new to this type of thing so really don't need sarcastic response's from anyone

And we don't need people complaining passively aggressively about "service response times" on a forum primarily run by volunteers, for free, for a free an open source product. Which you did right with your second post in this topic. That's what prompted this sarcastic response, not your actual question, and I hope you understand why. Being new to OctoPrint or webcams or whatever has nothing to do with it, manners and attitude however have.

I was only asking a question don't need the attitude I've never used a forum before so don't entirely no how to do searches for stuff I asked a question in the hope I'd get pointed in right direction

I posted that comment with an lol on the end which means it was ment as a joke nothing to with bad manners. I am glad I started using octoprint and that it has a super forum to help new people