Cam not working?


What is the problem?
I Have read and read. Plugged it in again and seems it got better after i rebooted but now it says "webcam stream loading" Never loads. Eventually changes to "webcam stream not loaded"

Should there be any indication it is on, powered? LED or something
I enabled cam via login to PI but no change. Seems so easy what am i doing wrong


I think mine is configured out-of-the-box to run on port 8080. So http://octopi.local:8080/?action=snapshot would give me a static image version.

If you try that link and it works, then that's promising news.

I think it might be nice to have your octoprint.log contents and to know some things like what is running OctoPrint (Windows?, Raspberry Pi 3B+?), type of camera...


Thanks for the info. I tried the suggested URL in the "Snapshot URL" (originally, mine was looking just like yours except "Enable watermark") When tested it failed.

Raspberry Pi 3 B+
Raspberry Pi NoIR Camera Module V2 - 8MP

octoprint-2.log (88.0 KB)

Any help would be appreciated.

EDIT: I did add 24" ribbon cable to cam to better locate but check connections and looks good.


I provided my screenshot from earlier. In this context, is actually octopi.local only faster. It's a good idea to put that one back. The octopi.local version of that is useful if you remotely want to see what's going on without using OctoPrint to hand it to you.

(I turn off the OctoPrint octopus watermark on mine since I publish my videos.)

Oh, I love the Pi NoIR camera. That's what's on my rig. At the end of my tutorial is something to test the camera in a remote shell session as well as some suggestions about running sudo raspi-config to verify that the port is turned on.

You can ignore anything about "Turn on the camera in OctoPrint" because the Robo-specific version is dated and worked like that. OctoPrint should automatically turn on the camera.

Did you use the http://octopi.local:8080/?action=snapshot link remotely from your workstation? This would tell us if the related drivers are loaded.


When I put it in browser it stalls and is loading "octopi.local" ?

GOOD! I was wondering
I have to plug RbPI into TV every time I need to log in. Having a hard time with ssh on Terminal.

ALL That said, once I rebooted the pi again it is WORKING!! I would quote your solutions to call the case closed but not sure what it was that i did different?

Sorry I'm such a challenge, one would never guess I was a Postscript color Guru outputting 2400 DPI printing plates for 50" presses for 25 years. I MUST be old..
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Uh, looks like you're trying to connect to raspberry.local rather than octopi.local (since you established earlier that you're using the OctoPi image download).

hostname: octopi (octopi.local)
username: pi
password: raspberry

Try simply ping octopi.local and see if it finds it. If it does, then it will add it to your workstation's arp cache which helps things along.


But can you order from the Senior menu at Denny's? :sunglasses:

(Your octopi.local is probably now in your arp cache and so you can find it.)


http://octopi.local/ for the snapshot URL looks wrong. That will make it have to resolve the .local domain when in fact it can just use localhost and be happy.


You can also get a test page served directly by the webcam server by going to http://octopi.local/webcam/:


I am at my wits end. All I did was move my PIE back to my printer and plugged it in and now my cam don't work again. The only difference is that its no longer hooked to Ethernet. Now its on WIFI and it is on cause I can ping it and octoprint loads. I tried loading the two URLs Foosel suggested and no go. I am lost why I can't log in ssh i get to the password (the one i changed in the pie Config and logged in with) but it refuses me.
EDIT: Now that I think about it it was E-net cable straight to my mac now its WIFI


Silly question...are you using ssh pi@octopi.local to connect? Also, are you connected to the same router/subnet as the OctoPi instance?


Good Question. Yes it is. Just rebooted and it let me in
the morning. I think I'm going to get this with all the help.
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You might try running this on the Raspi:

cat /var/log/syslog|grep "wlan0: leased"
May 11 16:17:12 charming-pascal dhcpcd[641]:
    wlan0: leased for 86400 seconds

In my case that 86400 seconds equates to (a mere) 24 hours. I don't really mind since my firewall/router has a static lease of this IP address to my printer by its MAC address so it will keep getting the same one.

For most people, though, they run multi-day print jobs and that sort of short-leasing can be a problem. You could research your router to find out how to lengthen the lease but an easier solution is to dedicate an IP address to your printer.


Also remember, the IP you get from the wired connection will be different from the IP you get from wifi. In fact, you can actually have TWO IP's on the same machine at the same time, one from wired, one from wifi. So, when you unplugged the wire, and went wireless, you automatically got a new IP


All I get is the location and not the preview or snapshot? So it would seem it's correct but not ON.


I see on my router it's the same as its been all along


Did we find out what browser you're using? From what I understand, IE 11 behaves exactly this way since it doesn't work like other browsers.


Safari 11. I am really stumped.


What about...



All 3 don't load. But octopi dose. When I had it E-net to my Mac, and the camera worked, I did notice it gave me 2 PI address when I ssh in to the Octopi. I didn't take note of the other one though. NOTE: It has given me challenges in the past but my router is a AirPort Extreme? I am not able to just log in to it with safari as you would normally??


Let's make a list of what we know:

  • You have an AirPort Extreme for your wi-fi
  • It has issued the IP address to the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ (which has a Pi NoIR V2 camera module)
  • OctoPi 0.15.0 and OctoPrint 1.3.8
  • Hostname = octopi and username = pi
  • ssh is running since you get a prompt
  • Neither ssh pi@octopi.local nor ssh pi@ seems to work from your Mac
  • Sometimes gives you OctoPrint's interface

What we don't know:

  • What does arp -a |grep 34 show on your Mac? (In theory, it should be a single line which represents the MAC address of the wifi adapter on the Raspi)
  • Did you try ping octopi.local? If not, try that first and then see if the arp command now includes a line for it.
  • What do you get on your Mac if you run either ipconfig getpacket en0|grep lease or ipconfig getpacket en1|grep lease? If the answer is lease_time (uint32): 0x15180 then your Airport is giving out 24-hour leases, for what it's worth.

Mac's Airport Utility might allow you to see what's going on in the Airport's configuration. Here are their suggestions for getting that setup. It sounds like the Raspi is getting an IPv4 lease... only I'm not convinced that the Airport is doing its job as a Bonjour server for name resolution.

Make sure that on both the Airport and the Raspi, you've set the country of origin for the wifi. On the Raspi, this is at the bottom of the /boot/octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt file. Not setting this correctly may prevent the Raspi from connecting well. Assume that the SSID value in this file is case-sensitive, btw.

This may be a name resolution issue. It could be server side (Airport), host side (Raspi) or client side (Mac). If you get really frustrated with this and ping octopi.local fails it's certainly possible to either dedicate an IP address in the Airport or to manually set the IP address in the Raspi, followed by you manually editing your Mac's file with sudo nano /private/etc/hosts.