Can I access octoprint from my Mac

Im wondering why there is no website for octoprint besides download page or any download for Mac. its all for raspberry pi. octoprint does not allow me to install plugins to octorpint. there is no where for me to link my plugin code and every video never explained how they got there. Is this download just a scam

I don't know how to code and I don't get why I need to download 4 programs learn how to code when they can just put a download button.

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  • Must be performed with a user with Administrative privileges.
  • Requires the latest version of Xcode suitable for your OS X. For example, OS X 10.15.x (Catalina) requires Xcode 11.x. Specifically, this is to ensure that locally compiled components of Python libraries (such as pyobjc ) can be installed successfully.

Check your current (active) Command Line Tools (CLT) version

  • Open up the macOS Terminal and check if and which version of the CLT you have with /Applications/ -version
    If you run the latest version, you can skip the next steps.
  • If you have, for whatever reason, more than one version of Xcode installed, switch to the latest one sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/

Install Xcode's Command Line Tools if necessary

  • xcode-select --install – this may ask you to accept the Xcode user license.
  • It doesn't hurt to also run sudo xcodebuild , to be sure the license acceptance process completed. If successful, you should see something like this: The directory /Users/YOURUSERNAME does not contain an Xcode project.

Install Homebrew and use it to install Python 3

Depending on which version of macOS you are running, Python 2.7 and/or Python 3.x may be already installed on your system. You can check this by simply running python -V in your Terminal.

  • If the shown version is 3.6 or higher, you're good to go and you can skip to the next section.
  • However, if you encounter 2.7 as your installed python interpreter, you have to install Python 3 manually. The easiest way is to use Homebrew, or brew for short. Check out the official web page: to learn more about it.
  1. Install brew by running:
/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"
  1. Install the missing Python 3 versions:
  • Python 3: brew install python
  • After this stage, you may want to verify that it is correct with python -V again.

Install virtualenv

Note: for users with Anaconda or multiple python versions installed, make sure to use Python 3 from Homebrew. Homebrew uses this default directory: /usr/local/opt/python/libexec/bin . If needed, replace two of the below commands with /usr/local/opt/python/libexec/bin/python -m pip install virtualenv and /usr/local/opt/python/libexec/bin/python -m virtualenv venv .

We utilize virtualenv to maintain an isolated Python environment for OctoPrint development. This prevents other, global Python libraries or updates from breaking OctoPrint. While not strictly required, virtualenv can save us from headaches, down the road. See the virtualdev docs for more detail.

  • pip install virtualenv

Installing OctoPrint

Warning: Make sure the path to the location where you git clone, install and run OctoPrint does not contain spaces! Otherwise, Python will not run OctoPrint! This is especially important for users which use iCloud Drive to sync their Folders, as iCloud stores its content in /Users/YOURUSERNAME/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/ - too many fancy characters for Python!

You can check your locations path by running pwd in the Terminal inside the folder where you cant to execute the next steps inside.

If you don't need the sources (e.g. you just want to run OctoPrint, not develop against it) you can just install from PyPI:

  • mkdir OctoPrint
  • cd OctoPrint
  • virtualenv venv
  • source venv/bin/activate
    for bash and zsh shells (the default until 10.15, and the current default shell)
    csh, xsh, and fish scripts are also available in the bin folder

    You may want to check at this stage, that it is using the correct Python version, if you have more than one installed ( python -V ).
  • pip install -U pyobjc
  • pip install OctoPrint

Alternatively, can download and install from source:

:spiral_notepad: Note
This is not recommended unless you are planning to develop with OctoPrint. Pip installation is more than enough to keep up with updates.

  • git clone
  • cd OctoPrint
  • virtualenv venv
  • source venv/bin/activate
  • pip install -U pyobjc
  • pip install .

Running OctoPrint

Assuming that you are still inside the OctoPrint folder from above:

  • source venv/bin/activate
  • octoprint serve

or from any location (tap the Tab key (twice) on your keyboard after every / to get the next available path content suggestions shown)

  • /path/to/OctoPrint/venv/bin/octoprint serve

Accessing the web interface

Assuming that you haven't also installed haproxy you can get to the OctoPrint web interface from its default port of 5000 locally on your Mac via http://localhost:5000/ .

Auto start on boot

Credit to Fahim Hossain on medium

Using a plist like this you can start octoprint when turning on the mac, even without logging in.

  • sudo nano /Library/LaunchDaemons/it.YOURNAME.octoprint.plist – edit this file
  • replace "USER" with your username (the short one on the left in the terminal)
  • assuming you have install OctoPrint in ~/OctoPrint
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

Octoprint is a python application which needs an environment to run in.
That's why we got several guides in the forum on how to create this environment on different platforms / Operating Systems.

Well the ready to go image is for Raspberry Pi.
You can't expect us to include it in a Windows or MacOs image that everyone can just boot.

There are also different options like the docker image which might be an option for you.

That's not true.

Why would you link your plugin code? Just install the plugin. There is an easy to use plugin manager in the settings menu.

I don't know what "this download" means but nothing on is a scam.

I mean I can give you a simple download button to the Octoprint source code, but that will get you nowhere.

That's the reason why you can download a ready to go Raspberry Pi image. It's easy, you don't need to code and you don't need 4 programs.

It's not our fault that MacOs works how it does and that you decided to use it.


OctoPrint is not commonly installed on MacOS, and when it is, it is usually a developer or similar doing the install. Less than 0.001% of installs are on MacOS, it is not a popular place to use it.

There's also no one heavily involved in the project who owns a Mac, so building and testing packages is extremely difficult and because it is Apple you probably need to pay some fees to register with them to sign the applications. So these install instructions are your only option.


you gave a well detailed answer so let me proceed any explain my problem. I downloaded a plugin and its on my desktop in a file. now what. theres no direction after this. the website everybody shows is no where to be seen for me. (plugin manager). after I somehow install the plugin into octoprint. theres a code. to verify my account. and I have no idea where that may be. closest I got was finding a URL link called octopi.local but that lead me to a dead end with no loading after I turned on PI and typed it in browser. sorry for being so frustrated but all the instruction led me nowhere besides in circles. thank you

I checked for typo on octopi.local and got to the server but is this URL a secret or something. no instruction showed me this and a YouTube gave it to me when I messaged him. to they did not show it video nor in READ ME files

It sounds like you have installed OctoPi on a Raspberry Pi, not on your MacOS desktop. Please, be clear with what you are doing - the install instructions mentioned above are for installing OctoPrint's server on a Mac, which is not usually done...

Did you follow the instructions on here for OctoPi: - Download & Setup OctoPrint?

Do you have a Raspberry Pi that you are using to run OctoPrint's server?

Please provide as much information as possible so we know actually what is going on, rather than leaving us stabbing in the dark - you are far more likely to get help and hopefully a solution.

yes I have the raspberry pi with octoprint. I was very confused on how your suppose to interact with octoprint if its not downloaded on my Mac but I think the URL is the cure for that problem. I was very confused how the octoprint website did no connect with my octoprint server but again I found the URL. im proceeding and have installed my plugin and eventually. ill figure it out but im trying to connect cloud account with AstroPrint to octoprint plugin manager. im only looking for to enter the code from cloud into connecting with octoprint. thank again

I also am confused on what I need to type into my phone to connect. http. is that the username for octopi.local?

so the plugin is now installed and linked to my cloud account but linking my printer doesnt seem to be installed and now im only thing to find how to enter info for it. if im correct I shouldn't I only need IP and BAR CODE on printer

First thing you should do is read the instructions on how to install octoprint, then how to use it. Coming on here and blasting the author and everyone else because your not being spoonfed the information isn't any ones problem but yours. All the information you need is on the octoprint website. There is a FAQ, install instructions etc.


Just note that you don't need to install anything on your Mac, you just use your browser to connect to the octoprint software running on your Pi that is connected to the same network.
Plugins are available once you log onto the software octoprint running on your pi and they also run on your pi. I also use the Octorpint app on my phone as long as the phone is on the same network.

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I have only used, configured, and installed downloads from my MacBook Pro. Octoprint is implemented on a Raspberry Pi, so no surprise there.

This is just not true. I recommend reading this.

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I use a MacBook pro with no problem. You may want to go back to the beginning and find where there is a discrepancy in your installation and setup. It works with osx fine.

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You have to follow the install instructions on: - Download & Setup OctoPrint

Once this is done, you need to access your Octoprint server from your computer (Mac, PC, even SmartPhone) by going in your browser to http://octopi/ or http://octopi.local/ or http://[rpi_IP_Address]/ and continue to setup Octoprint from your browser.

I think your confussion resides on "How to access my Octoprint", short answer: You access from a computer on the same network by going to the RPi IP Address or the hostname http://octopi.local/

In order for your Mac to discover and recognize the hostname in your local Network you should have enabled Bonjour on you Mac (Google this out).

Hello, everyone
I'm actually the same as jbono, but I don't want to be the bad Apple Mac user, on the contrary, I hope for your help.

I made this difficult way in the Apple Terminal to activate X characters for Python and hope that the Octoprint parameter then runs cleanly and error-free.

I've already installed Pronterface before, also with the help of Python, I haven't added Pronterface parameters, but I'm still a long way from error-free 100%.

Mac OS Monterey Version: 12.2. 64 bit Intel processor/ 3D printer Anycubic Vyper/ Ultimaker Cura/Pronterface parameters.

Question how can I now determine what Octoprint is running? connected with USB cable.

English is not my mother tongue, that makes it not always easy to understand everything correctly, in the German-speaking forum there is little to be found about this special case.