Can Octopi control the printer with RepRap firmware?

Hi All,
I install octopi in Respberry 3B, and open the webinterface successfully. Then the respberry is connected to a RepRap printer with RepRap firmware (not Marlin firmware). It is shown that the temperature data can be received and displayed on the Terminal tab, but the printer can not implement the control instruction sent from the control tab, and the Gcode message from Terminal tab. I can click all the control arrows on control tab, but the printer doesn't make any move. And for Terminal tab, I send Gcode like "G1 F100 X10", there isn't also any response.

I try it on the printer with Marlin firmware, it works successfully. Does it due to the different firmware? Could someone tell me how to make it work with RepRap firmware? Thank you a lot!

Hi @yuan!

For RepRap firmware is based on Marlin, it does.
What version of RepRep firmware do you use? And on what printer?

Hi Ewald_lkmann,
Thank you for your reply.
The version of RepRap firmware is 0.78v-dc42, and the printer is the cartesian printer. I'm not sure if these are the information you ask. I find a plugin named Octoprint-RepRap on github. Should I install the plugin on Octoprint to control the printer?

Wow! That firmware is over 4 years old.

Honestly, I would recommend to run your printer with a recent Marlin version.
I assume that the RepRap firmware you run is missing some features like thermal runaway protection, automatic bed levelling and some more.
Actually I can't find the plugin you mentioned. Maybe you have a link.

Thank you for the advice. The Octoprint-RepRapPro plugin ( doesn't make it work. We plan to change the firmware.
May I ask another question? I use octoprint on a Marlin printer, the control works well. But on Terminal tab, what kind of the format of message can be sent to the printer? We try a gcode message like "G1 F100 X10", but there isn't any response. Is there special format to send message to the printer?

Try G1 X10 F100. The parameters need a certain sequence.
Here is a good site that explains the common G-Codes for 3D printing and how to use them.
It's very good.

Thank you very much! It is very useful to us.
May I ask if any browser can be installed on Octopi? We like to connect raspberry to a touch screen to open the webinterface for Octoprint. In other words, we use the raspberry as both server and client. Does it can be realized?

Sure, you can use a touch UI.

For more information on this topic you can search this forum for touch UI

Thank you soooo much!!

You might also need to first home the X/Y and Z motors before movements are allowable.

Woah, do they really? This doesn't seem to be true my printer at least. If so, I have some sorting to do within my gcode generation settings in my plugin.

Gcode is all kinds of messed up. Some printers would be fine with G0X100Y100, others... not so much.

Edit: I was responding to the order of gcode parameters statement you made earlier. I realized after I posted that this was unclear.

RepRep firmware has NOTHING to do with Marlin.
It is a complete different approach.
The 2 projects are only sharing knowledge ...

Ok in the wiki is written it is based on Marlin / but if you look at the code ...

I see. Found the RepRap Github for more information. :+1:
But I'm curious why RepRap firmware does not appear in the RepRap G-Code Wiki...

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Oh darn - blind me :relaxed::tired_face: