Can Octopi cool down Prusa i3MK3S+ remotely?

What is the problem?

Whenever I need to cool down the machine, I have to physically go to the machine and use the LCD and dial to do it. Can we do it remotely via Octopi? I don't seem to see such Cool Down virtual button.

OctoPi can't do that.

But OctoPrint can do:


On the temperature tab:

Thanks. For the Preheat Button, it states that "If the target temperature is not zero, the button will instead turn off nozzle heating (cooldown)." So I should set it to, say 1c? What will happen if the target temperature is set to zero? Why zero is not used to indicate cooldown?

Thanks. My machine is running. Clicking the Target button does not show the list. Perhaps because I am just using Control for viewing without Connect. I will try after the print job is done.

By the way, based on experience, whenever the Prusa i3MK3S+ is printing especially via a SD card, if I click "Connect" in the middle of the print, the print job gets terminated. How come?

If the current target temperature is above 0, then the printer is warm, so the button is switched from 'heat up' to 'cool down'.

You can only control the printer through OctoPrint if it is connected to OctoPrint. If it is not connected, then it can't send any commands.

The Prusa MK3S runs on an 8 bit, AVR based chip. These boards reset whenever a connection is opened, it is a hardware limitation that OctoPrint can't work around. Newer, 32 bit boards don't have this behaviour, but the MK3 is still 8 bit, so it will reset on connect.

Thanks. Now I can also see the Off option in Temperature, Target. Does that mean when selected, the system stops applying heat to the extruder and as a result, the extruder cools down gradually? Is this better than the Preheat Button plugin?