Catch-22 supplicant file editing

What is the problem?
I've recently moved, and my wifi information is out of date. I need to update the supplicant file.

What did you already try to solve it?
When I plug the SD card into my computer, I can't access it. The PC says the disk must be formatted.
When I connect the Pi through ethernet, I can get to the desktop by VNC, but I don't see any way to edit the file.
There's a config page showing many useful features (like text editor) disabled.

So I'm in a catch-22, I can't edit the file through the wired connection, and I can't edit it by mounting the card on my PC, and I can't enable anything that would let me edit the file.

Hello @dbvanhorn !

Ignore the Windows demand of formatting something.
After you inserted the SD card to the SD card reader, there should be a partition called boot.

You should be able open that partition where you can find the file octopi-wpa-supplicant.txt

There you can update your WiFi credentials.

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As I said, when I put the card in the windows machine, I am unable to access it. Windows says the card needs formatting. I know how to edit the supplicant file, BTDT..

Is there a way to do it through the linux desktop? There I can see the file, but I am not finding any way to edit the file.

Via the command line you may try

sudo raspi-config

On point 2 Network Options you should be able update it too.


This is normal from Windows. The main partition is not readable from Windows, so it always complains.

THANK YOU! That got it done.

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