Chamber temperature

What is the problem?
notice this (i think new) chamber temperature info
how can i hook a sensor to use it?

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, browser, operating system, ... as much data as possible)
skr 1.3
pi 3 b+
octoprint 1.4.0

You can use this: OctoPrint-Enclosure

thanks. i know but here i got a graph
and if i remember right when i used this plugin he wasn't showing the temp on the dashboard
i had to press a tab to see it

In the printer profile there is a check box for heated chamber. This will turn on the display in the temperature graph. This is support for a firmware based chamber.

Marlin has M141 and M191 commands to set (and wait for) the chamber temperature and M105 will report the chamber temperature in addition to the other temperatures it reports.

If your printer / firmware doesn't support a heated chamber, then you can use the plugin like the one @Ewald_Ikemann pointed out.

If you wanted a do it yourself solution, you need a printer controller board with room for another thermistor (or other temperature sensing probe), another set of heater terminals, and you would have to be able to build your own firmware.

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(or you could just uncheck the option in the printer profile)

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I just checked it. Enclosure Plugin Room Temperature is not displayed in the graph.

Hi There, Also looking for the Chamber Temp to reference Enclosure Plugin. If anyone could assist?

Hello there, I'm also using the Enclosure Plugin and want to link the temp-value i receive from a 1-wire DS18B20 temperature sensor to the Chamber temperature in the temperature menu. In my mind it should be easy to set up, but i'm kind of new to octoprint and don't really know were and how to link it. Have you guys found any solution for our issue?

Thank you in advance

Have you configued the plugin settings?

A good tutorial (in French) for the DS18B20:

Thank you for the fast reply.

I already have configured the plugin settings and see the temperature in the enclosure tab and in the navbar.
I also got a pwm-fan running to cool down my chamber when printing pla and everything works fine to this point.

Now i want to plot the Chamber-temperature (from ds18b20) onto the temperature tab in octoprint (see the picture below)

So my chamber temperature should use the value from my ds18b20. Any Idea how to link this?

The only way that (I know of) you would be able to add custom temperature graph entries is with the Plotly Temp Graph plugin and this accompanying enclosure plugin fork which adds support for the temperature graph plugin.

Otherwise, the only things that can be shown on the temperature graph are those sent by the printer.

I tried that, but when i activate the checkbox for "show temperature in graph" it unchecks it when i try to save the settings. so basically my checkbox is always unchecked. Do you know how to solve this issue?

For anyone else using Klipper, set gcode_id to C.

The M105 response parsing in Octoprint uses the regex below to read temperatures, and for chamber it will only work if the temperature is reported "C: X.X/Y.Y"

regex_temp = re.compile(


    % (regex_float_pattern, regex_float_pattern)

I am having the same issue. Were you able to figure it out?

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Bit late to reply, but incase others search this up, I found I had to clear the plugin data from the plugin manager and then renter the sensors into the inputs. After that it worked.

Then you can use the plotly plugin and use the sensor's labels to add it to the graph

I had to use "cleanup plugin data" from the plugin manager and then I could re-enter sensors and this time the tickbox saved