Check SD if connection to printer fails!

Hi octoprint community! I found something hopefully usefull for others, too. At least it made my day and I dont know how to report that back to the community. Its an answer/addon to

but as newbie I cannot post there...

The problem that octoprint seems to immediately loose the connection after pressing connect in the webpage. It freaked me out and I read tondrets of posts and howtos and stuff. I knew it was no cable or power problem because I could perfectly connect to my Stock Anet A6 with no problem. But my other baby - a modified MPSMpro with SKRv1.3 and TFT24v1.1 running marlin2 was not able to talk to octoprint.

But it turns out that the absolute solution for me was: Change the SD Card !!!

I figured that as soon as I press "connect" my SKR/TFT24 makes some noise and reboots. And octoprint goes bunkers telling me that thing with "returned no data" and stuff. Turns out - as I watch the trace - that the M20 is the last command sent before knockout.
So I unplugged the SD and everything worked fine. So I narrowed it down: Obviously marlin2, SKR or TFT24 (or all of them) have a problem with big SD Cards and will crash upon M22 - at least mine does.

So I changed to a fresh 2GB card (yes, I still got one of those) and everything is good. No matter what or how many GCOdes I have on it.

So long speech no sense: Check your SD card or the option SD-Card-Support if you cant connect to your printer.

As said this info is meant for the community. As newbie I cannot reply to foosels post. If somebody finds this valuable please put it somewhere sensible.

Other than that: THANX foosel and the team! I will now play around with octoprint. If it keeps being that awesome I surely will dip in with some support!



For the record, that's also mentioned in this FAQ entry:

Nah, ashamed. Would have saved myself some time if I read that to the very last end :smiley: Yeah, swapping does the trick. Thanx foosel!
You may delete this (my) entry due to duplication (dont know about your cleanup-policies yet).