Connect to Raspberry Pi remotely

I wanted to ask how I can connect to my Raspberry Pi remotely.
In my house when I am connected with the computer to WIFI and the Raspberry Pi is connected with LAN when I write the IP in the URL I connect without a problem.
But when I'm out of the house and I'm using another internet I don't have access to Raspberry Pi.
Can someone help me and do this so that I will have access?

Click on the "Search" icon at the top of the page and enter the string "remote access". There are "right" ways and "wrong" ways to setup remote access. You will find both in the list of topics that search finds.

The "wrong" way can expose your RPi (and your 3D printer) to the wrong type of people and when (not if) they find it, they could use it to set your house on fire.

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Or a VPN. They are the easy, secure ways of doing it. Commonly can be done for free, though many services have limits.

There is a way to connect to octoprint not like "Octo Everywhere" which has its own UI...?

I didn't do enough searching and realized that with OctoEverywhere you can connect to Octoprint.
Now another question.
I send my GCODE directly to the printer from prusaslicer to the IP of the PI...
Can I do it outside the house as well? (with a different internet connection?)

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If you setup a VPN then no matter where your client computer is, it will appear to the RPi as a local client. Some of the other remote methods may allow this as well.

Personally, I've never started a 3D print without being present because there's too many things that need a physical presence to assure a successful print. See for an example.

Can you give us some insight into how you plan to use this remote connection? I can only think of two things I'd want to do remotely, monitor a long print and cancel a long print if a failure occurs.

  1. I print a lot of flexible things that need to be printed separately because together there will be too many stringing problems and that way I can print something at a distance and then without taking it down I can print something on the other side of the bed that way at least the printer won't just stand there...

  2. Sometimes I want to start printing but have to get home just to start. If I can send it remotely, I can turn it on with a smart socket and start printing by myself...

You're right.
There are many things to address but it can be overcome.
As in the example before.
If I need to print 2 things that each take 2 hours and I have to leave the house, I check that there will be no problem printing another model, start printing, leave the house and after 2 hours print the second part.

Of course, everything is under control and there are always people near the printer who know what to do in an emergency, but I'm not going to explain to them how to pull TPU from a PEI surface without destroying it...

I do not recommend anyone to do this!
I do it after thinking and calculating risks.

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With a service like OctoEverywhere, I believe it has a feature that provides you a URL you can use to put in PrusaSlicer. I'm not sure if the free tier supports this.

Thanks I'll check it out