Connecting octoprint to Creality CR10S4 trips out the printer


Try preheating the bed then start the print. It sounds like the heater is too small (takes too long) or the wiring's too thin or the driver's not pushing enough power or the voltage is too little... could be anything.


Hi all. I'm new to all this. However I was getting the same blank/blue screen whenever I tried to connect my PI to my CR10S. And in the browser, I saw this:

Your printer's firmware reported an error. Due to that OctoPrint will disconnect. Reported error: "maxtemp" triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0

After playing around, I changed the Baudrate form auto to 115200 and now I can connect. Sorry I can't help anymore but wanted to post in case it helped.


@dannykellett It feels like the room temperature could be a factor here. If the room was cold the first time, this might have been enough to have prevented the heater from working fast enough. Once you'd heated things up a bit (or the room temperature was different on another day) then you were able to heat up things within the timeout period.


Thanks for replying. I read that. I tried waiting and manually turned the heat on using the dial. Then connected and the same thing happened. Also, my spare room is a box and with two PCs, it's always hot :slight_smile:

Thanks for replying though


Ok coming back to this. It's doing it all the time now. Any ideas please?

Changing monitoring state from "Connecting" to "Operational"
Send: N0 M110 N0125
Recv: ok
Send: N1 M115
Recv: FIRMWARE_NAME:Marlin 1.1.0 From Archive SOURCE_CODE_URL:http:// ... PROTOCOL_VERSION:1.0 EXTRUDER_COUNT:1 UUID:00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
Recv: ok
Send: M20
Recv: Begin file list
Recv: /CR-10E~1/HUBA3H~1.GCO
Recv: echo:enqueueing "M84 X Y Z E"
Recv: Error:MAXTEMP triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0Changing monitoring state from "Operational" to "Error: MAXTEMP triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0"Changing monitoring state from "Error: MAXTEMP triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0" to "Offline (Error: MAXTEMP triggered, system stopped! Heater_ID: 0)"Connection closed, closing down monitor


Just a hunch. Eject the SD card that's in the printer.

See also


which both were cases where a broken SD card in the printer caused "tripping out the printer" on listing the contents of said SD card (which is one of the things that happen when OctoPrint connects to a printer that signals that it has an SD card).


@foosel Is it possible that Marlin really doesn't like Microsoft's attempts at shortening long file names? The ALLCAPS, the 8.3 naming and the tildes are a dead give-away to me.



I had this symptom until I flashed to TH3Ds firmware. I suspect the firmware on the S4 is faulty.


Thank you so much foosel. That worked. Please let me know your paypal and I will buy you a coffee


@OutsourcedGuru Nah, that is alright. My money would rather be on reading a corrupted file system causing a buffer overflow somewhere.

@dannykellett :wink:


Done and thanks again


Thanks @foosel. I had exactly the same issue with my stock CR-10S and simply popping out the card solved the hole issue!


Exact same problem. Solved with removal of SD-card. Thank you @foosel!