Connection Timeout issues

What is the problem?

I'm getting intermittent "Communication timeout while printing" errors.

I do not print via Octoprint - I print from the SD and use Octoprint to monitor.

What did you already try to solve it?

Rebooted Octopi, printer, network multiple times in various orders to attempt to rectify the issue with no luck

Have you tried running in safe mode?


Complete Logs


Additional information about your setup

Octopi/Octoprint 0.18.0?, Anycubic Chiron, firmware - ?, Chrome, Win10,

This doesn't count as logs really, it is a screenshot of some very limited information.

Please upload the octoprint.log file here.

Communication timeouts are often a problem caused by the firmware, it stops responding.

You could try:

  • New USB cable
  • Updating the firmware/flashing your own
  • Make sure your printer does not have backpowering issues

I get that my screenshots don't qualify as logs - I provided the information I currently have physical access to.

It's going to take me some time (and finding a USB stick in a large pile of stuff) to get the logs onto an internet connected system so they can be uploaded.

This isn't really a major "I can't print" kind of issue - more of an annoyance, which is why I wasn't prepared with a pile of logs. If you look, though, the prompt asks for logs, screenshots, or whatever information can be provided, and that's what I have available right this second.

There is a tab, in the settings called 'Logs'. Within this tab, you can download the logs onto whatever device you choose.

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I'd also note that this issue doesn't affect the camera feed, and only sometimes causes temperatures to stop updating

octoprint.log (8.8 KB)

This is the most recent log file, dated 3 days ago.