CR10S Pro not moving in Octoprint

Printer: CR10S Pro
Firmware 1.60.71
Web browsers: tried Microsoft Edge & Google Chrome
Raspberry Pi 3B+ (with 128GB SD card)

I've installed Octoprint on my raspberry Pi which is connected to the Wi-Fi and plugged into printer via USB.

Its able to see the device and connect but none of the controls work from the web browser and when I try printing something from SD card or local, nothing happens other than the process percentage changing.
The gcodes i'm trying to print were generated from Cura v4.4.1

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
Do I needs to update the firmware on my printer to get it to work with Octoprint?



I've just updated the motherboard firmware to 1.70.1 and LCD screen to 1.70.1.

Now i'm getting
"Your printer's firmware reported an error. Due to that OctoPrint will disconnect. Reported error: Failed to enable Bed Leveling"

Hello @Another_Dave!

To get help, you may open a thread in the forum Get Help (instead of General)
When you open a thread there, there is a template that asks for some information that makes it more easy to find a solution. This informations are mssing here.

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Thanks I've moved to get help section.

Locking this, new thread is here: