Ender 3 max neo thermal runaway

What is the problem?
been having a intermittent thermal runaway issue, but now it is every time I run it. after about a minute or so. And the temp for the hot end starts to drop when it cuts off

What did you already try to solve it?
I replaced the Thermistor for the hot end, with one from amazon that said it was for the max neo and was long enough. it ran for a a couple prints fine then same issue came right back. performed pid tuning several times and noticed that the values were kinda jumping around (but i dont know if thats normal or not. i also tried disconnecting my octopi and and formatting a new sd card same issue. tried using cura and creality slicers both same issue. also tried updating the firmware of the printer but still the same issue (also the new firmware has no words for the options for some reason so i reverted back to the stock firmware)

Additional information about your setup (OctoPrint version, OctoPi version, printer, firmware, what kind of hardware precisely, ...) Ender 3 max neo firmware version 1.2.2_C octopi with the lastest version.
also use obico. have nothing else connected or no other plugins.

Have you tried with/without an SD card in the printer? Creality's stock firmware is a bit special with these kind of bugs. Eg.

i have, with and with out a sd card in the printer

So I ended up finding the cause to my issue, I got it narrowed down the the heating cartridge. I removed it to look at it and see what the specs were in case I need to order a new one and I decided to rotate it 180 when I re-installed it. Now I have been able to make 2 8 hour prints with no thermal runaway and no hot end fluctuations. It must have a slight break inside. So I will be replacing the heater cartridge.

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