Ender 5 Plus setup

Has any figured out how to get Ender 5 plus working with Octoprint? looking for configurations and setup, please.


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You have asked a pretty generic question so I'll give you a generic answer, go to https://octoprint.org/ and start reading. Look for All-in-one OctoPrint Kits. A google search for "youtube octoprint ender" should find a few videos to watch.

You could also search this forum for "Ender 5" or maybe just "Ender" and you will find lots of information.

After that, if you have specific questions, then ask them here.


I have an Ender 5 Pro, there was nothing special about setting it up, worked just fine straight away.

Never mind I guess the smart alecs always have jumped in. I have used Octoprint for many of my other printers and was just looking for input from folks that have the same printers, tips, and configurations. Don't worry about and yes I already did a search or I would not be posting. Have a good day troll.


Hey Chris,

I have the Ender 5 plus and am having issues with Octoprint as well. I either find stuff for the Ender 5 or the 5 pro, but not the 5 plus. With the significantly larger build plate and vert axis, the information I'm finding is useless.

Have you had any luck since you posted this?


Hello @Cr3beast !

Can you please explain what kind of issues ?

I can't figure out how to get the profile setup and working for my printer. The settings I can find are for the "Ender 5" and/or "Ender 5 Pro", which are significantly smaller than my "Ender 5 Plus". I've tried changing the size dimensions in the profile parameters, but when I try to connect with my printer, Octoprint can't seem to find it. So, I'm assuming there's something else that I'm missing, but can't for the life of me figure it out.

The values in the printer profile have nothing to do with the connectivity issues you have with your Ender 5 plus.

Please open a new thread in the sub-forum Get help.
And please fill in all the required information that are asked for in the template.

Creality printers sometimes behave quite weird concerning the USB connection.

But you also can try this:

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I have Ender 5 Plus and print every day. It works great.

I had to do the USB electrical tape hack that seemed to resolve a few quirks. For the printer profiles I don't think anything special was needed. Just set the print dimensions (350x350x400) and the rest is standard Creality stuff that the octoprint understands.

Every now and then the print gantry crashes into the front as I'm starting a new print right after another print, and I've not figured out why. This wasn't a problem before Octoprint, but it's irregular enough that I don't even know how to replicate it yet.

There isn't a great place to mount a webcam for the Octolapses, I'm considering some kind of arm. For now I have a Logitech zip-tied to the front part of the frame. For lighting, I use a clip-on usb powered/led lamp with a flexible arm that works well, just have to watch it doesn't interfere with things. Maybe some led rails mounted above would be cool. I saw some stl files for this on Thingiverse.

Aside from this everything is all smooth and my printer still all stock configuration. There are so many potential upgrades worth considering now, such as a power supply cutoff, automatic lighting, more and better camera angles.

Octoprint has improved the whole printing experience dramatically right "out of the box", can't recommend it enough!

Happy to try and help if any particular issues!