Ender 5 Plus setup

Has any figured out how to get Ender 5 plus working with Octoprint? looking for configurations and setup, please.


You have asked a pretty generic question so I'll give you a generic answer, go to https://octoprint.org/ and start reading. Look for All-in-one OctoPrint Kits. A google search for "youtube octoprint ender" should find a few videos to watch.

You could also search this forum for "Ender 5" or maybe just "Ender" and you will find lots of information.

After that, if you have specific questions, then ask them here.


I have an Ender 5 Pro, there was nothing special about setting it up, worked just fine straight away.

Never mind I guess the smart alecs always have jumped in. I have used Octoprint for many of my other printers and was just looking for input from folks that have the same printers, tips, and configurations. Don't worry about and yes I already did a search or I would not be posting. Have a good day troll.

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