Ender3 v3 se connection issue

Hello, guys.
I am the owner of a new V3 SE. I am currently facing a problem and would appreciate assistance. The issue is that the USB-C port on the V3 SE is not functioning.
I have been using it for one month and have gained a basic understanding of its functions. I am now eager to explore new possibilities and am preparing to use OctoPrint. The equipment I am using includes the latest firmware on the V3 SE, a Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G with Octo4a installed, and a C-to-C cable connecting the two. The cable is capable of data transfer as well. The configuration of Octo4a has been completed with reference to the video below, and I believe that once the application recognizes the printer, actual usage should be possible. Is there anyone who can help resolve this issue? Additionally, is there a possibility that the problem discussed in the following URL is relevant?

octo4a - GitHub - feelfreelinux/octo4a: Use your old Android device as an OctoPrint server.
The video I referred to - https://youtu.be/74xdib_-X38?si=io84IqoCSJBNLN1N
Does this have relevance to my issue? - Put tape on the 5V pin - Why and how

I'm open to anything. Please share your thoughts.

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